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Okay so I always knew not to put hot jars into cold water and not to but cold water into hot water but I still had to learn my lesson even though I already knew this information.

here is me  working up kraut, for my big canning of  kraut .. it is  long process

Kraut when ready to can,  is cold pack..

but I should not have already HEATED my water.. no time saving there.. I ended up with a busted jar.. and I was lucky.. no BLESSED I only had ONE jar to bust.. all of the jars could have done this ruining my hard work and why? because I tried to save time by heating my water.. something as simple as THERMAL SHOCK can ruin all your hard work and efforts

see what it done to this jar

Never again.. too much waste!!!!


The problem is thermal shock breakage, characterized by a crack running around the base or lower part of the jar and sometimes extending up the side.

Possible causes:
1. Filling cold jars with boiling food and liquid.
2. Filling jars with cold food, water or syrup.
3. Not using a rack in the boiling water or pressure canner.
4. Setting hot jars to cool on a cold surface.
5. Setting hot jars to cool in a cold draft.
6. Splashing hot jars with cold water.
7. Glass damaged by cleaning jars with soap impregnated steel wool.
8. Glass damaged by using a metal utensil to remove air bubbles.

Possible Solutions:
1. Jars must be kept hot until ready to fill.
2. Food must be kept at room temperature and liquid must be boiling.
3. Jars must be kept at least 1/2-inch above the bottom of the canner during processing. 4. Set jars 1-inch apart on a rack or towel to cool.
5. Cool jars at room temperature, away from drafts.
6. Cool jars where they cannot be accidentally splashed with water.
7. Use nonabrasive sponges and cleaners when washing jars.
8. Use a nonmetallic utensil to remove air bubbles.

Kerr Glass Manufacturing Consumer Affairs Department



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