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Story Submitted by Markeen Gillette

So, out of all of your years of experience, or all the things you decided to try… either for the first time, or on a whim, or whatever, WHAT is your funniest or oddest work of ‘art’ that you created in the kitchen?

I will tell you mine. I was about, I don’t know, about 11yrs old or so… Mom was gone and I had a sweet tooth. So I thought, I would surprise everyone (it was my job to do the cooking anyway, so I knew a thing or two, HA) and make some brownies. I knew the recipe that Mom used, and it was really quite simple to put together, few ingredients really. SO, I put everything together. Popped it in the oven, and realized I had not put the sugar in it. No problem, I will just take it out, since it had not been in there that long, and add some sugar. One problem. No sugar. But, that was back in the 70’s when saccharin was still in peoples homes. It came in tablets (supposedly perfect for coffee?). Well, in my 11year old mind, I thought, well then, I will add these tablets, and they will melt in the brownies. They didn’t… they were hard, nasty nuggets inside of almost as nasty non sweetened cocoa brownies… … … and to top it off, I burned them.

NEVER again, did I attempt anything with saccharin… nor do I like any, and I mean ANY artificial sweeteners. As for brownies… oh I make some awesome brownies… I will put some recipes in here…

But, for now, I want to know, what is your nightmare?



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