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Ok so personally I am not a fan of Flat Chicken and Dumplings.. I prefer my dumplings the way my mother, grandmother, and Great Grandmother made and passed down.. the big fluffy dumpling.. (also on this website) But I do like different things once in a while so here ya go…

  • first make your dumplings  once made you can use them the same day in your dumpling broth or you can freeze them and use them the next day,  or if wrapped and put in a freezer bag up to a month.



3 cups all-purpose flour

1 1/2 teaspoons salt
1 egg
1 cup milk

(NOTE for more noodles/dumplings, you can double this but this will give you plenty of noodles/dumplings  for your dinner)

In a medium bowl, stir together the flour and salt.
Add the milk and egg,
and mix until it forms a dough.
Knead on a lightly floured surface until smooth. Roll out to your desired thickness for dumplings or you can roll thinner for noodles.
Cut into strips, squares, or any shape you like.
take the rest of your dough and do the same thing.. also add all the un used cuts to the remaining dough
Let dry on a cookie sheet, while you prepare broth or soup.  (they firm up better and faster if you stick them in the freezer)


NOTE you will have to put a piece of wax paper over top of first layer of cut dumplings to add the rest.. do not put them on top of one another or they will stick when you go to freeze them

Drop dumplings into boiling broth, (frozen or dried doesn’t matter)  and turn down heat to simmer put on lid and time for 5 minutes.. take off lid and should be done (tender like a noodle)  but time will depend on the thickness of the dumplings and how dry or frozen they were. taste one to be sure.
take one rotisserie style or home roasted chicken and pull off as much chicken as you can , put it into a bowl.
Pour all the drippings from that roasted chicken over the chicken you just pulled off.
next take all the bones and skin and put it in a pot and add some water. Put it on the stove and let it boil. should boil a while
Note – I let mine boil the whole time I was making my cut dumplings

NOW….take two sticks washed celery and chop up put into tall stock pot
take one  huge can of Chicken Broth (1 1/2 ounces  a 3 lb can)  and pour into the pan
take a can of evaporate milk pour over that
add one stick of butter
add pepper
now you pour your pot liquor from your boiled bones and skin in  by using a strainer to catch
bring it to a boil and start to drop in your cut dumplings (frozen or dried doesn’t matter)
I don’t add my chicken yet… Put the lid on and turn heat down to a simmer.. time it for 5 minutes
take off lid and should be done (tender like a noodle)  but time will depend on the thickness of the dumplings and how dry or frozen they were. taste one to be sure.
NOW add your chicken in  and stir gently
take about 4 tbsp cornstarch and add a small amount of water to a cup..
stir well and pour into the dumplings ..
stir with wooden spoon, will thicken your broth…
NOTE you may make it thicker if you desire by repeating this process of cornstarch but with these type of noodles a thinner broth is recommended. I like the thicker broth with the big Puff dumplings.  but it is all personal taste.. do what YOU like.
this makes a LOT.. enough that I had plenty to take to my in laws, AND to my mom and dad…
Enjoy with mashed potatoes and peas or green beans. =) Serena


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