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My Turkey Soup is soooo delicious on this cold cold night!!!

Turkey Soup
Save your Turkey Carcass and any leftover meat you wish to add to the soup from your left over Thanksgiving Turkey. I also save the drippings from my Turkey, I always have a large can of chicken broth poured into my turkey so it will be good and moist so I always have lots of drippings.. (you can keep the drippings in your roaster warm, or in a bowl in the fridge till dinner is over, to make that night or even freeze it and the carcass to make another day but flavor I think is best if made straight way)

To make the soup first I make my turkey stock by adding the carcass and the drippings to my crock pot that same Thanksgiving night before I go to bed…put it on low and if you do NOT for some reason have much drippings you should add a can of chicken broth and a little water
next day turn off the crock pot and let cool enough to handle a bit..

Pick out the big bones and skin, all that you can see and discard…

Next put a big stock pot in your sink with a strainer over top, pour the contents of the chicken broth through the strainer, catching all the bits and pieces.. now if you just want a good turkey stock to can you could strain it a few more times using a cheese cloth then can. But I am making Turkey soup so I am not worried about the cloudiness of the stock. To me that is just more flavor anyways.. Ok.. so I sift through the bits in the strainer to get out anything I don’t want or need, skin, bones, then I dump all that I do want back into the broth..
I add some water from the tap.. don’t measure sorry I wish I could give exacts for you..

Now I add 1 large chopped onion, if you have it one stalk chopped celery, 1 quart canned tomatoes in juice, salt and pepper heavily, I also had a small bag int he freezer of mixed veggies I threw in there to make it hearty and added a can of new potatoes which I cut down the middle..
Any extra turkey meat saved from the night before I get out of the fridge and add to my soup.. you should have this soup very very hot to get veggies tender but do not have it boiling and stir every so often so nothing sticks to the bottom
When veggies have achieved maximum tenderness and the broth is just right to your taste, add in your Orzo Noodles.. keep remembering to stir or they will stick to the bottom..
Once Orzo is tender and has plumped your ready to serve.
Enjoy this very hearty and very flavorful soup.
You can freeze this soup and it will be another wonderful meal one day that you don’t feel up to cooking.



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