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  • RECIPE AND PHOTO SUBMITTED BY Cherie Antin Fasbinder
    1 to take to bunco night tonight...
    Poppers in Blankets – Jalapeno halves stuffed with a cream cheese, cheddar cheese & crumbled bacon… then wrapped in puff pastry & bake
    pretty easy…
    halve & seed jalapenos,
    beat 8 oz. cream cheese, 1 C. cheddar cheese, add 3 cooked & crumbled bacon slices.
    Put a spoonful on each jalepeno half.
    Roll out a sheet of puff pastry to about 9 x 12.
    Cut pastry into 12 squares.
    Place jalapeno cheese side down onto square of pastry, fold pastry around it to seal, place seam side down on baking sheet.
    Bake at 400 for about 17-20 minutes. Enjoy!
    Was a hit with the bunco group!
  • Markeen BelongstoJesus Gillette ah man… THAT looks good ! EXACTLY the type of snack-age we like !
  • Felicia Lisa Even tho’ I have some Hispanic roots I am not a lover of super hot things. I’m not even up on my hot pepper-ology. So.. is there a milder pepper I could make these with? I could make them with bell peppers but they would be MONDO HUGE and a first course.. NOT horderves… LOL Not that a GIANT BLOB of bacon flavored cream cheese is beneath me… rotf
  • Cherie Antin Fasbinder I’d try banana peppers – they are not hot… or if you want to try bell peppers (I would use colored ones, not green – personal taste) just cut them up in chunks, mound some of the cheese filling on top, then wrap in the puff pastry being sure to seal the package good.
  • Felicia Lisa Do Jalapeño peppers back off on the heat when baked? I think it’s the seeds that are super hot.. yes… no??
  • Cherie Antin Fasbinder you are absolutely right… the majority of the heat is in the seeds & membranes. They still have a nice kick, but removing the seeds/membranes tames them quite a bit.
  • Felicia Lisa Is the membrane the lining or the outer skin?
  • Cherie Antin Fasbinder the “seams” on the inside
  • Felicia Lisa Oh…k… THANKS! Like the ribs in the bell pepper. I might get brave and make them with the jalapeños. Is it true you have to wear a HAZMAT suit to handle jalapeños or the oils can get you badly?
  • Cherie Antin Fasbinder exactly! I have found if I am working with just a FEW peppers I can deal with it… but wash your hands very well afterward, and whatever you do, do NOT touch your eyes! Preferably I wear rubber gloves when I handle them… especially when I handle a lot of them like making my salsa.
  • Markeen BelongstoJesus Gillette BUT IF…by chance, ya got just a bit TOO MUCH PEPPER OIL ON YA, rub the area with OIL OR BUTTER… massage it, THEN wash with warm soapy water…. the pepper oil comes off with the butter/oil  LOTS OF EXPERIENCE WITH THIS
  • Cherie Antin Fasbinder wow, never heard of that… will have to remember that!



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