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Okay so I have been doing it this way for years now.. My elderly neighbor Thelma, who has taught me so much over the years about canning and gardening, asked me one day “why are you canning your corn”? haha I was confused by her question.. I said “we like corn”  She laughed and told me freezing it was much better.. it had a better taste.. and she gave me instructions how to best freeze sweet corn.. Well it is MUCH better trust me.

Here is how I do it.. first figure out how much corn you want to work up.. it goes REALLY fast in our family.. Today I will just show you photos of me working up 50 ears of corn (a couple ears over 4 dozen)

First shuck your corn… if you find any worms at the top of the ear, and or the top is looking pretty narly don’t fret, just cut the bad part off and keep the good part

get all silk out of crevices with corn brush  or your hands rubbing down the sides then rinse with water

Use a sharp knife or use a handy dandy tool called a ZIPPER to take off the corn in nice rows without damaging the kernal

This scraper is very handy to scoop up all the cut corn off your cutting board while working up corn,

(Note –or you can put a cup or small bowl turned upside down and set it inside your large bowl and use the middle part to prop your corn cob on as you cut down and let all the corn fall into the bowl..)

Once all your corn is off the cob, measure out 3 quarts

put it all in pot on stove and cook on stove  Remember, do not cook more than 3 quarts at a time

add a little bit of water (I don’t measure usually but I tried today for you guys so I could give you an idea)

I added 1/3 twice while cooking of water so that is = to 2/3 cup water

and salt to taste,( I shook my salt shaker pretty good)

add butter (I used 1/2 stick)

Now you add sugar… how much sugar is all in your taste and how sweet your corn is already.. today I am adding 8 tbsp… (you can taste as you go to get the right consistency)

stir constantly  until thickens about 10 min. or less, you want a bite to your corn…

if too watery you can drain a little, but it really shouldn’t be that watery,,then let cool , by pouring out onto a cookie sheet

Have some quart size freezer bags labeled and dated . (food sealers work great also if you have one, mine died).

My son is doing the labeling for me

once completely cooled place in freezer bags sealed tightly with no air.. (note best trick for putting something in a freezer bag is to fold the top over so the seal don’t get dirty and seals good, also don’t fill it fat, you want to fill it to where it will lay FLAT, then press air out and seal)

stack them flat on a dry cookie sheet

put into freezer and let freeze completely before taking off cookie sheet ..

then stack in freezer how you desire..

when ready to eat,  get out  of freezer a bag and let thaw.. heat up with butter  in microwave or in saucepan till warm and ready to eat.


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