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Okay so we like our trout cajun fried best but this is a great way to eat them too.. especially if your at camp and  you have only a grill or a campfire .. make sure you take heavy aluminum foil with you when you go camping just for your times like this when you want to make some of your catch right then and there...


Start with fresh or thawed naturally (meaning no microwave to thaw) trout. We have already gutted de skinned, cut off the head and tail of our trout. As you can see we have a ton of trout thanks to my boys =)







I took my trout and laid them out on dry dish cloths to get out excess moisture.

Then I preheated my grill,  you want it very very hot!  (if using campfire get it ready as well)

Now I get me a flat cookie sheet and put some heavy aluminum foil on the sheet I use olive oil, to brush the foil,(can use butter if desire) don’t have to go all the way to the edges..







Now since I am home I am doing two different foil packets of trout

I am going to mix up some herbs on one of my trout packets, the other I will keep simple

In my first packet I mixed up a half a onion, some garlic cloves, a little rosemary, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, parsley, oregano, basil, and freshly squeezed lemon juice. (you can put the whole  sliced lemon on the fish if you desire I chose not to today) I chopped all mine up in the food processor














Next line up your trout on the foil, salt and pepper them and shake a little old bay seasoning on them, add your herbs to the tops of the fish, (some put the herbs INSIDE the belly, but I put them on top)







My other trout, I did simply.. I coated the foil same way with olive oil, placed my fish in a row, and I rubbed them HEAVILY with salt pepper, and Old Bay Seasoning.. then I added a tiny bit of crushed red pepper flakes it really goes good with steamed trout.







Now you take some more heavy foil and place over top, you want to seal up edges very tightly

Carry out the foil packets on the cookie sheet to the grill or camp fire, and CAREFULLY place only the foil packet on the  HOT HOT HOT grate







you shut the top







Now you wait..  my cat looks like she smells some good fish










the waiting is usually 10-12 minutes.. my grill is VERY hot.. so mine is about 8 minutes.. but some people may have to wait up to 15 minutes.. it is according to your grill and your fish I say.. cause cooking time always varies, so I never really TIME them per say.. I just kinda know when to go check the fish… when you check the fish you will use a fork and see if the center of the fish flakes.. also it should look and smell done.. if you cook it too long the bottom will attach itself to the foil)







When done carefully, using a metal spatula, put in waiting serving dish







you can also put the juices the fish cooked in, in your dish if you can without getting burnt on the foil,










Once you have gotten all your fish off the grill, salt and pepper them again lightly,  serve them immediately , you can serve them with a bed of rice and melted butter which is yummy or like we are today with homemade hushpuppies, baked beans and wedge fries and ketchup. However you eat your trout you will be sure to enjoy them as they are easy and delicious.


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