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I can apple pie filling too.. but this is a very easy simple recipe for your freezer..



We had a huge storm in WV causing major power outages.. I was gone on vacation when it all happened but luckily my brother in law was able to save our food before it totally defrosted. I had a lot of things in the freezer put up from last summer.. I do a lot of canning but I also do a lot of freezing.  I had some zucchini and some sliced apples frozen.. unfortunately when they start to defrost even a little, they are not much good refrozen..(they stick together plus seem to be soggy when fully defrosted) so I threw out the zucchini but I decided to try and save the apples.. I had about a gallon and a half I hadn’t used up yet  and I am making some homemade Apple Pie Filling out of it and I can then re freeze it and it will be fine until I am ready to use it and all that hard work from last summer of putting up apples will be saved.

So I started out with a large crock pot, a gallon and a half of sliced apples that had been frozen..

I added  1 cup of pepsi… you can add water, dr pepper, or orange juice, apple juice, lemon juice, almost any liquid other than milk but today I am using Pepsi. =)

I also added one quart of canned apples in it’s own juice ( you don’t have to do that )

Add stick of butter

a good amount of sugar, maybe 2 1/2 cups not sure what I put

put lid on and let cook on high..


Ok been a hour or so I am now putting in 2/3 cup brown sugar (1/3 cup at a time)

3 Tbsp self rising flour,

one Tbsp Cinnamon , a tsp Nutmeg

add more white sugar, taste as you go.. you want it to your liking..

stir it up put lid back on to cook some more..


take lid off after a while and check it it should be thick and taste it.. should taste yummy.

Turn off heat and let cool down.. after cools enough put in fridge on board to protect glass in fridge, and let cool down completely.

Take out and  grab a gallon size freezer bag.

Fold over edges so you wont get the seal dirty,

and start ladling in the pie filling…

get all air out of bag before sealing and lay flat on cookie sheet. Put cookie sheet and all in freezer to freeze the bag without lumps.. then once fully frozen take out the cookie sheet.

When ready to use your pie filling just take out of freezer and let thaw and use like normal.

NOTE : you can also measure and put into smaller bags that you will be using for specific recipes.. just measure what you need like for example if the recipe calls for 2 cups measure your two cups and write it on the bag so you can grab it for your recipe .. I thaw a lot of mine in bulk but that is good tip if you don’t cook as often as me..




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