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SUBMITTED BY Mark Mckinney
Winter sore throat “tea”. In a jar, combine lemon slices, organic honey and sliced ginger. Close jar and put it in the fridge, it will form into a “jelly”. To serve: Spoon jelly into mug and pour boiling water over it. Store in fridge 2-3 months.
    • Mark Mckinney Thought this was neat!!

      Serena Adkins Ellison
      yeah it is.. and the jar looks soooo pretty when finished.. would look pretty just sitting on the shelf LOL

    • Vanessa Thompson
      OK, just a word: it works. Was in So. Mississippi, attending USM, got very sick, could not miss class (grad school), friend from Taiwan came to my house made “tea”…ginger, honey, lemon…her exact words “you think it kill you but it make you all well, knock back quick like whiskey in a Western.” I did, AWESOME!

    • Serena Adkins Ellison
      Haven’t been able to talk in two day’s hardly due to reflux. Just mixed up a batch. Hoping it works. Will let u know.

    • Phyllis Hansford
      Drink ya some baking soda mixed in water..instant reflux relief..Just be careful with it and not drink too much if you have probs with ya blood pressure…

    • Nancy Wills Sturgill
      Mom used to use the baking soda and water and always seemed to help her.

    • Nancy Wills Sturgill
      How much of each for the honey and ginger?

    • Phyllis Hansford
      Yeah, i used baking soda for couple years or so til I was blessed to get some stomach pills. Worked great for me..Was instant relief, only thing was, as soon as you eat, it comes right back..I will tell you another remedy, apple cider vinegar..It also helps to restore the body’s natural ph balance..couple teaspoons a day helps reflux tremendously…

    • Phyllis Hansford
      The apple cider vinegar that you get at GNC store helps best, the one in its raw state, with the pectin (I think it’s called that) in’s very cloudy to look at..costs around $5 a bottle, but worth it for the medicinal uses…

    • Vanessa Thompson
      Can’t imagine ginger or lemon would help with reflux! Ouch!!!
    • Serena Adkins Ellison 

      that’s what I was thinking Vanessa cause it has acid plus the spices and tomatoes have acid and really hurts me but I am willing to try anything right now haahha.. I may try the baking soda mix in the morning if I still can’t talk.. tomorro…See More

      Vanessa Thompson
      Hey, I’m a communicator by trade, stand at t he front with them, appoint the best speaker to introduce each of the others and do your part. Reward them well!
    • Serena Adkins Ellison I tried it.. it does not work for reflux.. must just work for sick symptoms of sore throat =(



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