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Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

First things first I got out a pack of thick cut bacon and cut in half, threw into my cast iron skillet and began to cook up..

once it was almost finished cooking I took a large container of fresh, sliced, baby bella mushrooms

and put over top my bacon,added a tab of butter on top and let them cook down.

I got my chicken breasts out  and since I am cooking for a large group of people today I will be needing more than usual.. I am using about 11 today..

put your bacon and sautéed mushrooms in a bowl and set aside.. using the same cast iron skillet add in a little chicken at a time, season it however you like. salt and pepper is fine.. today I am adding salt pepper, a little cajun seasoning, and a little garlic powder, we really like that combo but like I said it doesn’t really matter cause you are going to be smothering that chicken with extra flavors later so season it how you like.

Now brown the chicken on both sides and put it in your dutch oven pot..

continue until all chicken pieces are browned and in the pot.

Next Pour a can of mountain dew over top.. (since I using more chicken today,  I will be using two 12 oz bottles of Mountain Dew today to cover my chicken good, this is what makes it really juicy and tender)

Now put the lid on your chicken and put the dutch oven in your oven and set timer for 1 hour.

When the chicken comes out I will begin my layering process..

normally if I had just 4 chicken breasts I would do this in my same dutch oven pot and not dirty up another dish but  since I am cooking for mom and dad my boys and I and my brother his wife and child.. so a rectangle pan will do nicely for me today so I can make sure each guest gets a nice amount of bacon mushrooms and cheese on their chicken. No one gets gyped.

put your chicken peices nicely in your rectangular pan (if using, if not then drain out most of your liquid reserving just a little bit before layering)

Ladle a little bit of the liquid over the chicken

brush some honey mustard sauce on top ( I am using the sweet baby ray’s brand of honey mustard dipping sauce)

brush on very heavily so the taste will come through

Next your mushrooms and bacon ( I am leaving mushrooms off three of the chicken pieces for some of my guests who do not like mushrooms)

Next your colby jack  cheese

Now back into that oven for 12 minutes.

Take out  after cheese is melted about 12- 15 minutes

and enjoy with a cold shrimp salad, Deep Fried Cheddar Perogies, Seasoned Rice with Shrimp and yeast rolls and apple dapple cake with double caramel icing



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