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Am I the only person that didn’t know this? LOL
Male over female! Flip the peppers over to check their gender.
  • Deborah Cook Adkins And I just found out, the three bulb is sweeter, the four bulb is better for cooking!!!
  • Karen Parks I didn’t know it!
  • Rosetta Sperring Didn’t know either! Thanks for sharing!
  • Cheryl Sleeth didn’t know this..and makes me wanna run out to buy a couple to test it out…
  • Cheryl Sleeth if I didn’t live an hour from a Wally World or Krogers..I would….lol…
  • Karen Parks Peter Piper had a peck of pickled peppers too lol
  • Serena Adkins Ellison LOL.. I was close..
  • Karen Parks lol,,took me a few min to remember what it was lol
  • Karen Parks Close counts to me!
  • Serena Adkins Ellison haahha as soon as I read yours I said “awwe man that’s right” LOLOL
  • Karen Parks maybe you had the old group Peter Paul & Mary on your mind
  • Judith Parady Rice Well I declare! Never have I heard this one. I will be making Mexicalli Stuffed Peppers soon. I can’t wait to check this out.
  • Sherry Church Browning I usually don’t buy green peppers, to me they are too bitter. I like the yellow, red or orange much better.
  • Serena Adkins Ellison bitter???? Green peppers? They have a unique sweetness I think.. I really miss them if they are not in certain foods.. especially meat loafs and chili’s..
  • Nancy Wills Sturgill Me too Serena, gotta have the peppers. I like the other colors too though.
  • Amanda Pegram Clyburn The three knobbed ones are sweeter. They are NOT male and female, the flower contains BOTH sexes, but the 4 knobbed one has more seeds, so people think it is a female. They are unripe peppers, the red and orange being ripened ones, just like tomatoes.
  • Serena Adkins Ellison in all my garden raisin .. and talks with 86 year old neighbor who gardens, I had never even heard about the male female controversy.. LOL.. it is interesting…. I love me some peppers three knobs or more..pahahhaaa
  • Judith Parady Rice This is too funny!!How come Noah didn’t take THEM thar peppers into the ark???LOL
  • Judith Parady Rice Well….maybe he did!:)
  • Serena Adkins Ellison If’n I knew I was gonna be on a boat for that long I would have took me a pepper
  • Judith Parady Rice Amen! Peppers, onions and garlic.! Iguess they did more leels back then didn’t they. I love them too!
  • Susan McElroy Oh my! This is hilarious! You all are so entertaining! I did learn something new about the green peppers though. HeHe!!
  • Brenda Barker Flowers I checked the green peppers out at Walmart last evening! LOL

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