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Have any of you ever used coconut oil instead of butter or shortening in your baking? I tried it with some cookies the other night, they were knock your socks off good and low cholesterol 🙂

    • Nicholas Stewart Don’t start messing with the Appalachian diet Steve lol 

      Stephen Lilly
      Well, my cholesterol is on the wrong side of good, so I have to look into these things Nicholas Stewart Then you have been doing the Appalachian Diet to a tee thus far lol

    • Stephen Lilly
      red meat and potatoes with plenty of butter and salt

    • Cindy Webster
      can you taste the cocconut?
    • 27 minutes ago · 
Stephen Lilly Not usually, I dont have the conversion factors down exact yet, but I could barely in the                      cookies. My daughter does not like coconut and loved the cookies
    • Serena Adkins Ellison you know Stephen.. my friend Carrie told me about that YEARS ago and I broke down and bought some but had to throw it out cause I had never used it. … I seriously should have tried it. I guess I am so used to doing things the old fashioned way.. but if you say it is good then I better go buy me some more.. h ahhaaa
    • Stephen Lilly well we aint skinny people here, so you know you can trust us lol 

      All my research says 3/4 to 1 substitute. I used 1 to 1 lol
    • Serena Adkins Ellison LOL ok I will buy it next trip to the store… Carrie told me she loved it but I didn’t trust her hahaha
    • If she was skinny you can’t, how can you trust skinny people when it comes to food they obviously never eat lol 🙂 

    • Stephen LillyTabitha had been insisting I try it for a while, I broke down when I made the cookies the other night. She is gonna post the recipe on her blog, I will share the link here when she does 



      Stephen Lilly Exactly Nick, never trust a skinny chef
    • Serena Adkins Ellison yep she was skinny.. but maybe if I would have listened to her I would still be skinny too PAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHA

    Lesley Peck I ♥ coconut oil. It’s VERY good to use popping popcorn.

    • Carla Bolen love coconut oil

      Susan McElroy
      I only use coconut oil or grape seed oil to cook with. Very healthy alternatives. Both are good for baking.
    • Serena Adkins Ellison oooooh never heard of using GRAPE SEED OIL.. very informative… is it expensive? I haven’t seen this at Walmart..where do you get it?
    • Susan McElroy I have been cooking with grapeseed oil for 2-3 years now and although it can be a liitle more expensive (like coconut oil and olive oil) it’s health benefits are worth it to me. I buy All Natural Grapeola. I love it’s benefits: No Cholesterol, No preservatives, no sodium, great for baking, frying, salads. Only need one half the amount than other oils to achieve the same results, and has a high smoke point (400 degrees). Http://



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