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You MUST use a pressure canner to can beans– a water bath canner is not suitable for low-acid foods, such as beans, use a pressure canner!


  • First you soak your dried pinto beans overnight in a tall Stock Pot.. you need enough to for seven quarts..


Just cover them with cold water and let them stand 12-18 hours in a cool place.

  • Next day:

I go to my sink and I take my 8 cup measuring cup and fill it up with beans  , pour it into my milk strainer and wash my beans, to get rid of all the extra gas and I look  my beans, for rocks at the same time.. THEN once I feel they are clean I go on to the next batch of beans till all of them are rinsed and looked.

Now… today I am using deer meat in my canning process .. you do not have to add the meat.. but if you do or do not the canning time will remain the same  for this particular recipe. So I got my frozen bags of soup meat out of the freezer to try and lightly unthaw… I should have done this last night.. I forgot.. I HATE to defrost deer in the microwave, but I will barely do it this time to help it out .. normally I NEVER defrost my deer in the microwave..too easy to make the meat tough..

I put my beans in Paul’s grandma’s  huge old  5 quart water bath canning pot, so that I can boil them all at the same time instead of batches..cover with fresh water

I am boiling them 30 minutes.

put lid on and come back and stir a few times..

thirty minutes are over

Now time to pack hot beans  and the thawed deer chunks into hot Ball jars, leaving 1-inch headspace..

you will not use the broth off these beans.. just the bean… I used a strainer cup and put some beans in my jar then a handful of my venison then more beans

Add 1 tsp salt to each quart

Cover with boiling water. Leaving 1 inch head space

make sure no air bubbles and wipe rims

but your lids in boiling hot water for a minute

Adjust caps and lids, don’t put rings on too tight


in your canner up to the line in the bottom add your water before adding the jars to the canner


process pints 1 hour and 15 minutes, and quarts 1 hour and 30 minutes at ten pounds pressure.

NOTE once timer is up turn off stove eye but DO NOT take the weight off of the canner until the pressure has COMPLETELY dropped.

Note: you can use kidney or any other variety of dried beans or dried peas this very same way!



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