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Always do your canning as directed!!!!  If you follow that simple rule you wont need to worry about all the don’ts  listed here. These are the NEVER NEVER Rules of Canning.


  • NEVER- use the Cooker without having some liquid in the bottom. Be sure to use sufficient water. Do not allow Cooker to boil dry.
  • NEVER- set jars on bottom of Cooker- use Basket or Canning Plate -keeps heat from being directly on jars reducing cracking and or busting.
  • NEVER- crowd in more jars than recommended.
  • NEVER – try to raise pressure until cover is securely locked in place according to directions.
  • NEVER-let pressure fluctuate during processing of food any more than can possible be avoided. Abrupt changes in pressure may drain some of the liquid out of your jars.
  • NEVER open petcock during the processing period when canning food in glass jars.
  • NEVER-when canning in glass jars, open petcock  (remove weight) before the pressure  falls to zero- at that point, petcock must be opened slowly.
  • NEVER-lay wet cloths on cover or place Cooker in water to attempt to speed cooling of Cooker. This reduces pressure in Cooker more rapidly than pressure in jars and will cause jars to BURST!
  • NEVER-render lard under pressure!! Lard may be rendered in an OPEN cooker.
  • NEVER- immerse steam gauge in water, nor allow water to run over it, as this will cause inside mechanism to rust.
  • NEVER- strike rim of cooker with sharp or solid objects as nicks in rim would prevent pressure-tight seal.
  • NEVER-use a cooker with slightest sign of a crack. This would be very dangerous. (more for those using OLD pressure cookers the new ones are pretty unbreakable)
  • NEVER- force cover off Cooker. Be sure pet lock is completely open and there is NO pressure in Cooker.
  • NEVER- open jars to fill them if partially empty after processing. The loss of liquid will not interfere with the keeping qualities of the food, and opening jars will cause food to spoil.
  • NEVER process food that has been standing too long. Advisable to be quick with your garden to canning process.
  • NEVER- begin to count your processing time until required pressure has been reached.
  • NEVER- forget to read and follow directions closely. Canning recipes are not all the same.
  • NEVER- use jars that have not been sterilized, especially after food has spoiled in them.
  • NEVER-pack food too tightly in containers.. particularly PEAS, CORN, SPINACH, AND MEATS!
  • NEVER- fill jars too full. There should be at least one half inch head space AFTER liquid is poured in. Some foods require more head space as expansion is greater.
  • NEVER- use defective jars, (cracks, nicks ect)  or jar closures..
  • NEVER- forget to label your food with DATE and what it is.
  • NEVER- store canned foods in extreme cold or extreme hot.. should be a cool dry place.
  • NEVER- use pressure cooker with rubber ring that is cracked or dry.. ALWAYS check your rubber ring before cooking..and after cooking wash and DRY properly before putting it up.
  • TIP- take off rings after 24 hours.. if one goes bad the air will escape from top instead of  bursting jar and you having a big mess.
  • TIP- to remove  discoloration in Cooker, pour water in up to past line of discoloration add one Tbsp Cream of Tartar to each quart of water used. Place  cover on and raise pressure to 15 pounds. Remove cooker from heat but do not release pressure. Allow the Cooker to stand as is over night. the following morning take off weight (open petcock) empty contents and scour the inside  of the Cooker with any good cleaner. Do not use cleaners containing lye, alkali, or potash. (comes from old canning cookbook)


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