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Ok so I done a lot of research on this and I will tell you UP FRONT that this is a low acid food. It CAN be canned safely but I just wouldn’t put up but just enough for one winters worth..

You will NOT find this method in any new canning books today but you will in the older canning books, last updated in 1976

The new books tell you to either Freeze or dehydrate zucchini which works fine but not for what I want.. I want to BAKE with mine.. and frozen shredded just does not work.. it is too soggy and does not hold up after being frozen but if you cut it in slices and freeze on cookie sheet then put into baggies the slices hold up well enough to fry.. I want to bake with it in the winter so here is how I preserve my zucchini..

FIRST.. you shred your zucchini

press out all the moisture you can from your zucchini and pack tightly into quart size jars.

Next pour boiling water over top leaving 1/2 inch to 1 inch head space. run a knife in the middle to get all bubbles out

Add tsp of salt to each quart

you can add lemon juice just to put in a little acid

Put into canner and bring to TEN POUNDS PRESSURE.. let go for ten minutes… and let the temp drop naturally.. take out of canner and let sit on wood block till cool. MAKE SURE each has sealed properly, you will hear the pop of the lids…once cooled put date on top and put into cellar or cool dry place. Before use make sure that the seal is still good.


How to use this in baking:

Simply open the jar and drain out all liquid by using your hands to press out the liquid

measure how much you need.. this jar is exactly what I need for my loaf of bread. 2 cups

next mix it in with your recipe as you would with fresh zucchini and bake.. should come out lovely..

you will thank yourself come winter if you can up some of that zucchini.


Serena =)  PS this recipe among many other zucchini recipes can be found on this website, type in chocolate  zucchini bread with coconut glaze )



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