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Not sure of what you think

when the cross comes to mind

But I am certain it couldn’t compare

to what in reality you would find.


The most disgraceful way to die

there ever has been or will be..

to be crucified alive

hanging upon a tree


A death so hanus

Twas reserved for the worst of men

Yet our Lord and Savior Jesus

Chose this way to free pardon our sins


They beat him that day

Spat in his face

The angry mob cried CRUCIFY

as they stood at Pilates gates


The Roman soldier

cut him with his whip

leather strips

with balls of lead at the tip


Cutting into his flesh

over and over, ribbons so deep

his back and legs so bloody

onlookers did weep


Announcing the king has come

they threw a robe about his frame

Laughter all around

as the “King” is proclaimed



they shouted in scorn

Pushing upon his head

a crown of sharp thorns


For a scepter,

he was given a stick

As he was beaten

and brutally kicked


They beat his crown

down deep into his scalp

the blood in his eyes

running like an open spout


Finally the robe

That was dried to his flesh

Is pulled off so suddenly

It was like whipping him afresh..


Returning his garments

they make their way

along the Via Dolorosa

Jesus walked that day


The heavy wooden beam

was tied to his shoulder

Imagine the weight

like as unto a huge boulder


He walked with no complaint

Yet he stumbled at the weight

The Centurion Soldier

Who is anxious for his fate


Selects a stalewart onlooker

Simon of Cyrene from the crowd

He orders him to take up the cross

To refuse he was not allowed


At Golgotha,

Jesus is offered wine with myrrh

Refusing to drink the sedative

Away his head  he turns


Simon is ordered

to place the cross on the ground

Jesus’ body is shoved backwards

as the cross abruptly came down..


His hands and feet were pressed

against the rough hewn tree

His arms stretched open wide

his legs slightly bent at the knee


The nails..

were large, heavy and square

Imagine a railroad tie

and the holes they made to bare


Toes pointed down

his body was placed…

The pure weight of his frame

what torture he faced..


Think of the cramps

the flesh that tore from the weight

Think of the agony

the price that Jesus paid


“Father forgive them

for they know not what they do”

Praying for those who crucified him

He loved them too…


Just think.. he was GOD!!!!

he could have gotten up at any time

He could have spared himself the agony

Yet remember the prayer “not my will but thine”


There were two

who hung along side him

Yet only one believed

Receiving pardon for his sins


God, manifest in the flesh

could feel each spasm of pain

A WILLING sacrifice

Jesus IS his name.


From Noon until three

Darkness befell the land

“It is Finished”

Salvation was at hand


Jesus had done

what he had came to do

His mortal body

he gave up for me and you


At that same moment

Jesus had died

There was an earthquake

The whole earth cried


The Roman Soldiers

not trusting he was gone

pierced him in his side

deep unto the bone


Twas on Good Friday

Jesus was laid to rest

Wrapped in a linen cloth

In this tomb he was but a guest


For on Sunday Morn

when Mary and Martha came near

Jesus was gone

they cried “He is not here”


From the Grave

three days after his crucifixion

Death could not hold him

Jesus, our Lord and Savior had risen


The cross remains a symbol

Of what Jesus gave

A painful reminder

of the price Jesus paid


The cross is not pretty

some fairy tale lore

Atonement was made

our iniquities he bore


So when I see you

with your cross you wear

I hope you fully understand

the whole story there


Now we await

the lambs return

He is coming back

for a people who yearn


A bride who is ready

to go back with him

A bride unspotted

free from sin.


Who will carry the cross

till he comes back again?

This burden of honor

The greatest for any man.


Written By Serena Ellison


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