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Question by Yolanda Gilbert
Good morning friends. Does anyone have a recipe for oven fried chicken? Thanks
  • Answers from Members on Tried and True Recipes Facebook
    Jeanie Toney I dredge the chicken in flour and the spices you like I use poultry seasoning a little garlic powder salt and pepper and I use a little oil in a baking dish add the chicken and bake it at 350..
  • Yolanda Gilbert Thanks Jeanie.
  • Lynn McGinnis I bake mine a bit hotter & turn it over @ 25 min in, then bake another 25-30 min. That way it gets crispy all around.
  • Jeanie Toney You’re welcome Yolanda also sometimes I brown it rather fast on top of the stove and then put it in the oven to finish cooking and it gets brown..I think Lynn’s idea is better. No extra skillet to wash..
  • Lynn McGinnis That’s a super easy way to get the “fry” taste with a lot less work…& healthier too! I also bake mine in a dark pan so it browns well.
  • Yolanda Gilbert You ladies are awesome.
  • Linda Anderson Buckley I buy a mix called chicken fry by zatarains that you put in the oven. It is really good.
  • Jeanie Toney I bought a NuWave oven several years ago I pop frozen chicken on it no seasonings it’s cooked golden brown wonderful natural taste..I talked two or three others into buying one they also love it..So fast and easy…Research it on google:)
  • Yolanda Gilbert I will do that Jeanie. Sounds healthy and great tasting. Can’t beat that.
  • Lynn McGinnis Jeanie, u are the first person i have known who had actually used one of those. glad to hear your review. Is there instruction book with it? Does it take longer to cook?
  • Lynn McGinnis jeanie Toney…did you see ? above ^
  • Jeanie Toney Hi Lynn mine came with a recipe book and instructions..I later saw them advertised on tv..And there was a lot of extra things with it and and DVD..The good thing is you can get them almost anywhere now..Tavern hams are very good made in the NuWave..
  • Lynn McGinnis Thanks. It appears that they cook like a rotisseree, is that fairly accurate?
  • Jeanie Toney No it isn’t…It cooks from the inside out the good thing is that it has an extension that makes it taller for larger things that you might want to cook..the heat comes from the top..I steam veggies with it too..make nachos, all kinds of things..anything you make in the oven the NuWave will do it too..
  • Lynn McGinnis You say the heat comes from the top. Do u need to turn stuff over, or does it circulate the heat?
  • Jeanie Toney I turn the chicken one time after the timer goes off and set it for 15 minutes or less and turn it to brown the brother cooked an 8 pound chicken whole in 55 minutes last week it wasn’t frozen..
  • Lynn McGinnis Thanks for letting me pick your brain.
  • Jeanie Toney Well you’re more than



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