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Submitted By Rick Thompson Kelly’s Easy Homemade Mayo (Tastes Pretty Close to Hellmann’s!)

UPDATE: I just learned this from the movie, Julie & Julia! For good results, always warm the bowl you’re making mayo in first, before adding the eggs, so in this case, I will set the blender container into a bowl of hot water for a few minutes before beginning! 🙂
ANOTHER UPDATE: Readers have shared in the comments that they’ve had great success using their stick blenders in a small jar and they say it goes much faster! I’ve tried it and LOVE this method instead of the original one below, so I don’t have to pour the oil in so slowly…

Mix 3 egg yolks (preferably pastured eggs) in a blender for about a minute.
Add 1/2 to 1 T. lemon juice or raw apple cider vinegar (I prefer the lemon juice, but it definitely has a lemon twang to it, which I actually love the taste of. The vinegar has a twang, too, but not quite as noticeable, in my opinion. Use 1 T. for more flavor, or 1/2 T. if you want it very mild.)
Blend another 30 seconds.
Add 2 t. palm or coconut sugar & 1/2 t. sea salt
Blend just enough to mix.
Add 1c. expeller pressed sesame oil (refined) or a mild tasting olive oil – pour in as slow as you can, use the hole in the top of the blender if you have it. NOTE ADDED LATER: Recently I’m having trouble finding the refined sesame oil. (The unrefined has a too-strong taste for mayo, in my opinion.) So I’ve been using a mild tasting olive oil and it’s been great! (When I tried the no-flavor coconut oil, it separated after a night in the frig!) By the way, sesame oil is higher in omega 6, so NT says that some is OK, but not too much – you wouldn’t want this to be the only oil in your house.
When you’ve mixed all the oil in, add 1 T. whey – make sure your whey is good – smell it and make sure it’s not “off” or it will ruin your whole batch. (Sometimes if my cheese hangs to drain for a long time my whey isn’t as tasty.) UPDATE: As I noted in the comments below (see #64), after a couple weeks in the frig the leftover mayo had a TOO fermented taste, so next I’m trying 1/2 T. whey instead.
Leave out on the counter for 7 hours (it will keep longer this way), and then store in the refrigerator.


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