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How to make homemade Ravioli Pasta

Making Ravioli

1. Roll the pasta dough as thinly as possible. With a fluted pastry wheel cut the pasta sheet into strips about 3 inches wide (same as you would lasagna noodles basically)

2. Put heaped teaspoons of your chosen filling (cheese, meat, spinach ect..) down each strip like so… spacing the mounds about 1 1/2 inches apart and about 3/4 inch from one long edge.

3. Lightly moisten the dough around the mounds of filling, then fold the dough over the filling.  (I had a saucer of water beside my work station to dip my fingers in)

4. Press the edges of the dough together all around the mounds of filling to seal the dough.

5. With Pastry wheel carefully cut between  the mounds of filling to form the ravioli.. line up on sheet and keep moist until ready to use by laying a slightly dampened towel over top of the raviolis

place on wire rack while you work.. you can also lay a slightly dampened towel over top as to keep the moisture in them till time to use

When ready to use.. drop in boiling salted water.. with a drop of oil to keep from sticking till al dente.

drain in colander and add to your homemade sauce

lightly toss in the sauce


This is the cheese mixture i used in my raviolies, very quick simple and tasty..sorry didn’t measure you go by how many raviolies you think you will be making

I took a good spoon full or so of Ricotta cheese into a medium size bowl

then added a heaping spoonful of Cottage Cheese

pour parmesan cheese over that..

I would have added some mozarella but was out.. still didn’t hurt it any.. turned out really good.. stir your mixture. should be on the thick side not runny at all.

do not throw out your extra cheese mixture you don’t use.. save that to put in your pasta sauce you make in a bit…

My Homemade meat sauce for Ravioli

you can make your marinara sauce without meat but we like meat sauce  the best…more filling and more flavor

In a very  large & deep frying pan add a little oil.. have you about 3 large cloves of garlic minced up, and a little chopped sweet onion… throw into the  hot oil and use wooden spoon to stir around, WATCH do not burn garlic or it will ruin the whole dish

as soon as you smell that garlic in the air, throw in your ground chuck, brown it but don’t stir it to death let it cook in larger chunks we don’t want pebbles we want MEAT,,,,

once meat is browned drain off most of your fat and put back on burner..

shake in salt and pepper WELL over meat and parsley flakes. add HUNTS tomato sauce (the big can 16oz I think and the big tomato paste or two little tomato paste & save your cans

fill up  the smaller can twice with water  and the big one half 3/4 of the way with water adding  to pan. stir well then add in grated parmesan cheese (don’t be stingy) and salt n pepper to taste bring to a boil reduce heat and let simmer for 30-40 min I added a little oregano, a tiny amount of Red pepper flakes, and a goodly amount of should have a thick meaty sauce, I always taste it because I may need to add more of this or that… to achieve the right taste.. you can add a tad bit of sugar to this dish if desire, but not too much I normally do not, the basil and sweet onion brings a sweet flavor already. .. you should not be able to actually TASTE sweet in the dish.. but a hint of it. anyway I like more of a savory taste.. stir it all in good

you now will add in any leftover cheese filling you didn’t use in your ravioli’s you made

just drop it around the pan

simmer while noodles boil

Boil your fresh or frozen Ravioli  Noodles carefully  in pot until al dente with a drop of oil and salted water.  today we used Freshly made Cheese Ravioli =) mmmm

drain and while hot shake Grated Parmesan Cheese over top

and toss gently  into your sauce

Serve with garlic bread and salad and corn

pictured below cheese ravioli in a meat sauce with zucchini boats , fresh corn on the cob, and french bread


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