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FIRST thing you do is peel apples .. a LOT of them and cook down on stove in big heavy bottomed stock pot on low heat with tab of butter  and a small amount of water.. I said small amount of water.. remember your apples will have juice in them as well… stir often as not to burn.. once apples are soft add sugar.. you taste.. now you have Chunky APPLESAUCE..

NOW you have to figure out how you want to flavor your apple butter.. you have so many options fun to play with… can put red hot candies… or oil of cinnamon (if use this be very sparing only use drop .. it is potent) or my favorite… HOT TAMALIES CANDIES>. yum…

and put into crock pot and cook cook cook on LOW and occasionally stir until deep deep brownish red.. now I have made LIGHT apple butters too.. like I said it is according what your going for and what flavors you want in another post about apple butteron this site you can look at the many diff colors I have of my apple butter.. find one for you.. =)

Below are THREE different crock pots I got filled to the brim with my apple butter a cooking away on the same day, remember your apples will cook down so plan on peeling a LOT of apples

This is a food mill… it will make your apple butter smooth.. and keep seeds  and peelings out that you may have missed.. just set it over your stock pot and grind away as you ladle in the apple butter…


here is how it turns out

Now just ladle into ready jars and process in water bath for 20 minutes or pressure canner for 10 minutes under 10 lbs pressure


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