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Teresa’s Homemade Sour Kraut


7 lg. heads cabbage remove green leaves

1 box of plain salt or canning salt

18 to 20 quart jars washed

1 wooden spoon long handle


Remove all green leaves from cabbage cut in half and remove cores. Wash thru 2 washings and drain cabbage halves. Chop by hand or using a food processor do not blend up fine. After all is chopped or blended coarse place wooden spoon handle into jar. Pack chopped cabbage around spoon handle tight filling jars leaving 1/8 head space. Remove wooden spoon handle from jar. It should leave a hole in the chopped cabbage. Take 1 heaping tsp. PLAIN SALT or CANNING SALT and pour into hole. Now boil plenty of hot water and pour into jars covering cabbage. Let sit 5 min and add water again to jars making sure cabbage is covered. Wipe rims of jars add two piece ring and tips snug tight. Now wash off jars of excess cabbage on the outside of jars dry and place into a cardboard box lined heavy with news papers. Place newspapers over jars and sit in a cool place for 18 to 20 days so it will work. Now remove jars from box discard the BOX that smells like sour kraut. Then wash the outside canned kraut jars to remove the smell. DO NOT RE CANN OR OPEN JARS JUST WASH THE OUTSIDE OF JARS AND PUT INTO A NEW BOX. Then cover heavy with newspapers. As long as you keep the kraut covered it will remain white and crisp. Sunlight turns it yellow. Enjoy.

Quarts 1 heaping tsp. plain salt.

Pints ½ heaping tsp. plain salt.


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